Mum shares son’s unimpressed reaction after meeting baby sister for the first time


The mum of a little boy who said “I don’t care” when meeting his baby sister for the first time has told of how she couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

Ashley Stevens, 30, said she thought her son Kole was excited to meet his new sister Kiana.

But she and husband, Whitney Stevens, 36, could only laugh when their son said “I don’t care” upon finally meeting the new addition to the family.

After getting used to being an older brother, Ashley says Kole, now eight, is a great sibling to Kiana, five, and their new baby sister Kingsley, eight months.

Ashley, a stay-at-home mum, from Machiasport, Maine, US, said: “He was so excited and kept saying he wanted a little sister.

“We were expecting him to say ‘I love her’ but he just caught us off guard and said ‘I don’t care.’

“We just started laughing.

“When we got back to the hospital he said ‘can we take her back?’”

Ashley said her son “warmed up eventually” and was now a great big brother.

“When he found out he was having another sister he rolled his eyes but now he’s a great little assistant.

“He helps with Kingsley loads.”

Kole was ecstatic when he first found out Ashley was expecting a baby, and little Kiana was born on 8th November 2016.

“He kept saying ‘I want my sister,” she said.

“When she was born we got him from home to come to the hospital.

“It was so funny when he just came out with ‘I don’t care.’ He loves her now but they do have their moments.”

Ashley and Whitney, who owns a landscaping business, welcomed another little girl in February 2022.

“We didn’t find out the gender until she was born,” Ashley said.

“Kole rolled his eyes when he found out it was another sister.

“But he’s my assistant now and will get nappies for me and carry her around. He’s a great older brother.”